About Among Shooter

Among Shooter is a shooter game inspired by the hit game Among us. Your enemies are the imposters. So what do you have to do to finish them and survive the chases?

Among Shooter 3D will bring you to the most dramatic survival battle with red imposters. They do not seem gentle like in the game Among us, but on the contrary, they constantly pounce at you with a knife in hand. They appeared everywhere in extremely large numbers. While you have just woken up and haven’t woken up yet, they have found you in the blink of an eye. It’s time to start your battle for survival in Among Shooter unblocked. So, choose your gun and start fighting like a real assassin. But do not be lenient as you may fall prey to the imposters!

The impressive point of this game is the extremely diverse weapon system. You can find guns that suit your taste among the many available guns. These include the Ak47, M4A1, Scar-H, UZI, UMP 45 guns and more. Each type of gun will have different characteristics in terms of fire rate, damage level, number of bullets … So, consider when choosing a gun before entering the match. But you need to level up to unlock better guns when you play Among Shooter free online.

So do you have any plans for the upcoming battle? Watch out for the imposters above your head, the gunmen, and the melee fighters. Move flexibly, combine reasonable attacks and pay attention to your remaining ammo and HP.

How to play

  • Left click to shoot
  • Right click to aim
  • Click “Space” to jump
  • Use the arrows on the keyboard to to move left, right, up and down
  • Click “R” to load ammo

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