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About Battlepoint.io

If you want to be a warrior then Battlepoint.io is for you. The gameplay is very simple, but when you join you will be attracted by its interesting and uniqueness. In particular, this is an addictive game for those who like the battle point royale genre.

Once you start joining Battlepoint.io unblocked, you won’t have any weapons on you. The only thing you have on hand is a map. You will have to explore that map and look for weapons placed in many different locations. Those things will equip yourself. This battle royale multiplayer game is a battle for you and other players. If you want to win, the only way is to beat your opponents. However, the time you have isn’t limitless. After a certain amount, there is a safe zone that will gradually narrow, forcing warriors to confront each other. Therefore, each step and your strategy must be executed quickly and there seems to be no time to hesitate. Join this game and prove you are the winner.

How to play

The main actions are to move the WASD / arrow keys.

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