Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 2, 2021
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A new unique and exciting shooting game, it’s Bois io unblocked is a good match for a 3D shooter game. In the game, you have to act as a real mercenary to pick up guns, destroy enemies if you want to win.

This pixel battle royale game has a very familiar form of shooting games. You join the battle as a mercenary dropped into a battlefield. This war is between you and 100 enemies. In order to win your quest in Bois io unblocked, you have to roll around to find and pick up guns and armor. Once fully equipped, you can afford to destroy all your enemies and win. The selection of weapons to equip is very diverse with classic types such as ak47, x4, pistol 6 rounds. In addition, other items in this multiplayer io game are also very diverse such as armor, water. Increases power and potion so you can calculate and build richer strategies. Keep in mind the slogan “always run into the cube early”. Thus, you will have a favorable position to ambush your opponent.

How to play

WASD to move, F to pick up items and left mouse to shoot.

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