Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 21, 2021
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War games like always attract many young people who love to play games. You will need to build a car and fight with others. There are many exciting game modes and you can unleash your creativity to win different vehicles.

This is a HTML5 Online game, the graphics are 2d and very easy to understand. Your job is to use blocks and equipment to build war vehicles then fighting with other vehicles. When you win you will get coins and unblocked new weapon for you. A lot of players will really enjoy the music in the game. Because the songs are very heroic, it feels like you’re in a real war.

There are two modes to play for now: multiplayer mode and rank mode. Both modes can find weapons to increase strength when you win. Especially rank mode, you will get weapons that rarely have high rankings. Of course, getting into the top 10 is not easy.

How to play

Mouse Keyboard to build a vehicle

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