Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 22, 2021
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About online is a free and dangerous medieval world with multiplayer. You will start in an arena with nothing more than a crown on your head, a sword to protect yourself, and a castle to call home. and your job is to protect everything that you have from those deadly invaders who might come at you anytime. unblocked is an arena game. You will be in a castle, a crown, and a sword in these exciting io games. Your mission is to protect your crown and your castle. Besides, you can go on an adventure to grow stronger. Each time you found a treasure, destroy someone else’s castle or win a battle against other kings, their points will become yours. Still, every time you intrude in someone else’s castle, you will take some damage, so try not to stay too long. You will level up and gain special points to up your stats, and unlock new equipment, too.

And you shouldn’t go too far from your castle, because many other aggressive and dangerous invaders are waiting to take over your home and make it theirs. In addition, You might go out for just one minute and the next you are a homeless king, and it means game over. What makes this game more exciting is that you can play online for free.

How to play

WASD or arrow keys for moving around. Left or right mouse to attack. You will level up and gain some special points that can be to upgrade your stats for example like increasing your health, health regeneration speed, but the number of special points is not large, so you need to choose carefully.

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