Taming.io New Updates On August 16
Try Taming.io New Updates With Pets, Hats And Ban Changes On August 16, 2021

Taming.io new updates in the latest update on August 16, 2021 will be introduced now. But that's not all as...

New Taming.io Foods
New Taming.io Foods In July 2021And Changes Of Skill And Damage

Taming.io foods are the latest taming.io animals. This game had great updates on the 9th and 11th of July this...

Taming.io 03/22/21 Update
Taming.io 03/22/21 Latest Update: What Is Special About Darkness Forest And More?

Taming.io update on 03/22/21 has released with a lot of improvements. Taming.io is an interesting game that gonna make you...

Taming.io Changelog
Taming.io Changelog: Update of the game and brand new features of every version!

Taming.io changelog is a list of updates the game has made so far. We will give you a view of...

Taming.io Update 12/18/2020
Taming.io Update 12/18/2020: Fascinating new items and special gifts for all players!

Taming.io Update 12/18/2020 has released many new features. This game is updated with a lot of special highlights and we...