Commit Battery Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 26, 2022
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About Commit Battery

Commit Battery 2D is a game of collecting batteries to sell for profit. You will repeat your work throughout the game but will feel the constant change in work as you play.

Log into the game, you will see a screen with many available battery processing tools. You do not need to care about everything, just pay attention to the charging wheel, along with the appearance of the batteries. First, touch the cycle continues to charge the battery according to the correct procedure to complete the cycle.

When the specified quantity is reached, you can proceed to sell the battery for immediate profit. The money earned will help you unlock new features or speed up battery production in Commit Battery unblocked. Reinvest correctly to get the best results, and the process of achieving success will happen much faster.

Pay attention to a few of the main symbols in this game, which are Crank Speed, Battery Density, and Sell. All three of these symbols will play an important role in the battery manufacturing process. If you do not know their effects, please refer to the following:

  • Crank Speed: This upgrade has the effect of increasing the player’s battery production speed. The more you upgrade, the faster the battery will charge.
  • Battery Density: Increases the storage capacity in each battery, which means more money you collect from selling batteries.
  • Sell: As the name suggests, the Sell button will help you sell a fully charged battery for immediate profit.

Unlike most free online HTML5 games on the browser, Commit Battery has a relatively simple operation. You will not see too many actions appear when playing the game. But we believe they will make it impossible for you to take your eyes off the screen when starting the fully charged process.

How to play

Left click on the rotation icon to charge the battery and perform other operations

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