Crowd Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 3, 2021
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About Crowd

Crowd will help you become a villain who does evil to everyone. All you need to do is control the zombie army and turn more and more people in the city into zombies, then your army will become more and more powerful. This is one of the few games to have such a strange experience.

Crowd mobile is an online multiplayer io game genre with multiplayer participation. This game builds on 2.5D graphics and ghostly sounds, making you completely immersed in the zombies. In addition, Crowd city online game is also a competitive game when you have the task of controlling your zombie army to destroy rival zombie groups. For each brain that a zombie eats, you will earn extra points and thereby improve your health or attack ability. Play Crowd unblocked by attacking from behind, then the opponent will be back in time. Every 30 seconds a new citizen will appear randomly as an impossible chance for you to consolidate your forces. Join us and win!

How to play

Use mouse to control the zombies

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