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About Doggo Clicker

Are you an animal lover and want to take care of a dog but don’t have the opportunity? Doggo Clicker will help you fulfill your wish through the simple gameplay available.

Doggo Clicker HTML5 online is a game with simple gameplay, similar to other clicker games on the gaming market. So, your only task in this game is to touch the dog continuously to increase the number of bonuses. You can use this money to reinvest in the dog’s development by upgrading the available icons on the screen. Gradually, players do not need to clicker too much and still receive a continuous profit. Of course, your passive income amount will not be much manually.

Doggo Clicker unblocked, this game offers more than 50 different upgrades along with 21 accessories to make your pet look more interesting. Any upgrades will be automatic and the player simply taps the appropriate upgrade icon on the screen. The more you upgrade, the faster it will be to earn bonuses to help your dog own the best stats.

In addition, this game also allows players to build houses from the winnings, but you will need to spend a long time to experience. Accordingly, this animal 3D online game was developed not long ago by densolenison. Therefore, you can contribute your own opinion after playing the game so that this game can be better in the near future. Overall, this game will not give you too much of a challenge to experience. Therefore, do not put too much emphasis on achievements, play the game to enjoy the relaxation it brings.

How to play

Use the mouse and touch the dog on the screen continuously to score points

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