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About Dogod.io

A great pet war is waiting for you to join in Dogod.io – a very unique io game with attractive gameplay. Would you accept this invitation to be the leader in the game?

Dogod.io unblocked, where players will have to do everything to help their character finish off the enemies on the map. More specifically, you will be controlling a dog with a certain weapon. Thereby, you will have to move the mouse pointer to navigate the main character, speed up and defeat enemies accurately.

The player can give his character a boost to reach the enemy faster, but this will reduce his stamina. If your fitness is at zero, you won’t be able to accelerate for a short period of time. How to add physical strength? It is to collect the foods available on the screen. Dogod.io is a multiplayer io game so you need to make sure your character’s stamina is always full to dodge attacks from the enemy. In addition, Dogod html5 games so you can play games through your device’s browser instantly.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to speed up the character for a short period of time Move the mouse to navigate the character

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