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About Duck Life 6: Space

Duck Life 6: Space unblocked is the next version of the DuckLife series. In this version, you will have the chance to explore more maps and have more fun.

In the type of HTML5 game, your duck in Duck Life 6: Space lost its crown and your mission is to help them to take it back. To do that, you will feed your duck. Then, you have to train it to many skills, such as running, swimming, or flying. When you have done with training it, you can send ducks to the university and start your adventure to get the crown. On the way to find it, you can collect things to buy them food for your duck. Moreover, you also can use it to buy more ducks with various skills to make your team become unstoppable. This game has cute graphics and basic gameplay but is still very challenging to play. Let open it and help your duck get their crown back.

How to play

Use arrow keys to train your ducks. Use your mouse to move and feed them.

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