About Dust Buster io

Public areas need the help of a vacuum cleaner or a cleaning worker. Do you want to take on the task of keeping things clean in Dust Buster io, thereby feeling the joy?

Dust Buster io unblocked is a simple game with the task of tidying up everything. Especially for places like schools or offices that have a lot of garbage, or unnecessary objects. In the game, players will become robot vacuum cleaners with a powerful suction hose ready to clean everything. The more objects you suck, the more your character will grow, thereby absorbing more big things along the way.

Play Dust Buster io online, players also meet other robot vacuum cleaners controlled by players around the world. Will you become the best robot vacuum cleaner and put your name on the visual leaderboard on the screen? It will all depend a lot on your ability to observe the map as well as take advantage of your correct opportunities. Besides, this cool io game online also allow players to change the vacuum cleaner after each level to feel more interesting when playing the game. Do not miss this HTML5 multiplayer game if you are looking for a suitable product for entertainment.

How to play

Drag and drop the mouse to move around, and left click to increase the robot vacuum cleaner’s speed

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