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About Ev.io

Ev.io unblocked provides you a chance to become a fighter in a battle. In this game, you need to try to survive and be the winner. You will not be regret it while spending hours playing it.

Ev.io is a type of multiplayer io and shooter game. Set in a futuristic arena, you have a variety of skills and weapons. With those things, you need to use them smartly to get an advantage in the battle while trying to survive. In this game, you also have to care or else be killed by other players. If you survive to the end of the battle and knock other players down, you’ll be the winner of the game. So let try your best to be the winner of the game. Moreover, there are many levels for you to try and practice your skills. The thrilling feeling that the game brings is very interesting and you will find out that this game is so addictive after using hours to play it.

How to play

WASD to move Space bar to jump Shift to run Q to use abilities G to throw grenades 1234 to switch weapons Left mouse button to shoot then right mouse button to aim M to open the menu

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