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About Extreme Kitten

Extreme Kitten will take you to competition through the image of a cat. You will participate in the Cat Olympics and help your cat get the highest score in the competition.

Play Extreme Kitten online, you will feel like this is a racing game based on conventional physics. First, the game will provide the player with a faraway trampoline to turn the cat into a powerful forward catapult. So, all you need to do is help your cat move the farthest to get a high score and get valuable loot. However, things will not be so simple when you need to align perfectly to help the cat achieve optimal speed. The way Extreme Kitten unblocked works is similar to a regular chronograph game. You simply use the mouse to touch at the right time, so if you touch the wrong time, the cat will stop at a position close to the starting point.

The appearance of objects on the screen will help the cat increase its movement speed. Typically birds, balls, sleds, and you need to stay away from the hockey sticks because they will slow down the movement. After each level, Extreme Kitten mobile allows players to upgrade the cat’s stats through notable rewards. It is the star, the only currency of this game as of now. They will help you upgrade the launch force, overall movement speed, increase the number of kites spawn, the bouncing speed of the cat, and more. Don’t miss this animal html5 online game if you are looking for a game to entertain in your spare time. You can play as many times as you can until you reach the highest score, or break previous records.

How to play

The only way to control is to use the left mouse button to launch the cat forward

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