Frozen Princess game Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 2, 2022
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About Frozen Princess game

Frozen Princess game is set in the frozen kingdom, where a beautiful princess appears. Your task is to find hidden objects in the rooms to help her attend the prom.

Unlike other fashion decoration games, Frozen game for girls has the typical object-finding gameplay. Here, you will come to different rooms to find decorations for the princess. Each object has a different shape, you need to look closely to find them.

This game offers players three main game modes with different difficulty levels. So if you are a new player then start with the most basic level for fun. Here is a brief description of the three game modes in this HTML5 online game:

  • Normal: As the name suggests, this mode is quite simple when the image of the object will be available on the screen. You just need to search and tap on the right icon to collect instantly.
  • Silhouette: The items to find only appear in the form of black shadows for the player to deduce.
  • Time Attack: The allotted time will appear, you need to find the required items before the time runs out.

In addition to three attractive game modes, this game also offers a diverse system of levels with increasing difficulty. You will in turn explore the luxurious rooms in the palace to find items for the princess. Moreover, the image quality also performs well to bring the most vivid experience to the players.

Frozen Princess game for free for all players around the world. This is a game on a web browser, so you should not ignore its appearance for the time being.

How to play

Find items for the princess using the left mouse button

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