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About Funny Camping Day

Summer camp has started in Funny Camping Day for kids. Do you want to indulge in fun extracurricular activities? Or simply light a campfire, set up a tent, and chat with close friends.

Funny Camping Day unblocked is a game set in the summer camp activities of adorable animals. Specifically, the main characters in this game are not human. They are familiar animals such as lions, zebras, buffaloes, rabbits, … built with extremely lovely images. These animals have been preparing for this camping day for a long time, so help them have the best summer days before they start back to school.

As usual, the camp will begin with the transfer of students from school to the campsite. Of course, a guide will be there to help our lovely animals arrange their seats properly. Next, the player will come to the camping area with small problems to solve. Your task is to arrange our characters in the right positions to contribute to creating a fun atmosphere for the camping day.

Accordingly, there is a lot of work that players need to do in this HTML5 cartoon online game. This includes clearing rubbish around the campsite, setting up tents, fishing, hunting, gathering, and campfires. Each job in the game will come with a lot of interesting situations. Thanks to that, players can observe the entire camping trip from the beginning to the end in a complete way. We believe that the atmosphere of this camp will bring you positivity and a sense of comfort when experiencing.

How to play

Use the mouse to arrange the characters to the appropriate active position

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