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About GamePop

GamePop unblocked is a fun music game in which players are free to compose the notes. If you are into composing songs or you are just a music lover, you can play GamePop for free to show your creativity. In this title, you will make your own levels with YouTube videos. You have to hit the notes when they get to the middle of the screen. Feel free to create your own levels by finding a YouTube video that you like and by creating the notes for the level.

GamePop online takes inspiration from famous music games, like Tap Tap Revenge, and other note tapping rhythmic games. You can play it in single-player mode or multiplayer mode. Select a level and play it as much as you want in the single-player mode. For the multiplayer mode, you will compete against other friends from around the world in terms of creating notes. You are recommended to create an account for the game so you can compete for the ranks on the leaderboards. Try to become the top-ranked player to win! Play and have fun with!

How to play

Use ASDF to hit the notes, use R to restart the level, and spacebar to pause the level.

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