Giant 2048 Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 10, 2022
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About Giant 2048

Giant 2048 was inspired by the 2048 game but has had certain improvements in terms of gameplay to make it different. You will use a slingshot to merge numbered candies.

Play Giant 2048 online, you will try to help the giant guy eat the best candies to grow. The candies will have different numbers so that players can easily distinguish them. Use the available slingshot to match two candies with the same number to create a larger candy.

For example 2×2 will become 4, and 4×2 will become 8, and so on until you create 2048 candies.. Giant 2048 unblocked allows you to create huge combos by merging multiple candies at the same time. This is a bit difficult, but when done successfully, you will receive a much higher score than usual.

Besides, the appearance of the stones in this HTML5 puzzle will make players more difficult than usual. Specifically, these stones will become an unbreakable barrier, except for a powerful explosion from the combo chain you create. Be careful not to shoot candies at the location of the stone because they will block immediately.

To limit this, Giant 2048 for kids allows players to rotate the position of the tiles in different directions based on the sides of the square. If you feel stuck for an idea at some point, try rotating the positions of the candy boxes to find more suitable positions.

In addition, this game does not require the player to perform within a specified amount of time. You can play the game until you lose when you fill the slots on the screen.

How to play

Use the mouse to adjust the direction of the slingshot to be the most appropriate

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