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About Gravity Zero

Help the astronaut discover the universe through Gravity Zero – a game set in space with simple gameplay. Are you really excited about this dangerous adventure?

Gravity Zero unblocked has a relatively easy to understand swipe gameplay. Here, players will try to understand other planets in the universe through the perspective of an astronaut. The context of the game will exploit asteroids, space, and dangerous cosmic black holes. Accordingly, our astronaut guy needs to find his way back to Earth after a long trip and you will help him.

As you know, the universe is a place governed by gravity, and it is also the main agent that helps you make space jumps. Play Gravity Zero free online, players will start with simple pairing steps and the challenges will increase. Different obstacles also appear in this HTML5 game online with different shapes. Remember that your character will stop if it collides with any obstacles on the way. In addition, you can also refer to some other driving games on our website if you want to find something new.

How to play

Interact and perform jumps through the left mouse button

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