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About Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels HTML5 is an online racing game with a strange operation compared to other products. You will accompany the bravest riders to make a unique journey now.

We believe that everyone wants to take a journey in life, no matter the circumstances. In this driving game, you will have to control brave racers, daredevils or even stuntmen. They all want to plunge into the difficult challenges ahead to conquer the dangerous track.

The main goal of all players in Happy Wheels totaljerkface is to help the main character reach the finish line safely and avoid serious injury. Of course, various obstacles in the game will make you encounter a lot of difficulties. Because all levels are designed by top experts all over the world.

Overall, Happy Wheels no flash is an interesting HTML5 game with a novel way of exploiting content. You can choose different racers in each race to feel fun. Moreover, each racer will have different transportations that will bring you a lot of surprises.

How to play

Up arrow to accelerate, down arrow to decelerate, right arrow to lean forward, left arrow to lean back

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