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Hide Online is one of the best io games unblocked. Begin to enjoy Hide Online as a hunter or a prop and try to complete your own challenge as fast as possible!

Hide Online has gameplay similar to Hide.io. It is a multiplayer game including two teams: hiders and hunters. Therefore, their mission will depend on their role.

Especially, people who are hiding in the game field can turn into objects. In other words, they must hide and they can provoke their rival. So, these opponents will get confused.

Meanwhile, the main goal of hunters when they join the present Hide Online multiplayer game is to find out and shoot at those hiders before they run out of time.

Thus, you have 30 seconds to lurk if you are a hider. In addition to that, you can turn into anything that they like. After that, they can start to taunt or generate sounds.

If you are a hunter, please avoid shooting at the wrong target or your score will be subtracted. Besides, you have only a few minutes to search for them. Otherwise, the other team will win.

Hide Online PC download is now easy to play at school or at home for free. You will have the chance to experience a familiar game with some changes. Furthermore, take a look at the tutorial before playing!

How to play

For Hunter:

  • WASD to roam around
  • Left Mouse to shoot at the foes
  • 1-3 to switch suitable weapons
  • R to reload your tool
  • Spacebar to show your jumping ability
  • Enter to chat

For Props:

  • WASD to wander around
  • E to change into an object
  • Q to tease
  • Right Mouse to turn the object
  • Mouse Wheel to zoom in or out
  • Spacebar to perform a jump
  • Enter to create a conversation

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