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About House of Potions

House of Potions offers magic gems of different colors. In this game, you will join the journey to find your own strength by collecting the most powerful magic gems.

Magic gems have always been known for their hidden power, they will help witches become stronger. Joining the House of Potions unblocked, players will have access to magical gems in the traditional puzzle style. More specifically, use the match-3 element to collect the magic gems available in the game.

As mentioned, this match 3 game is on web browsers. Therefore, you will easily tiếp cận the operation of this game in a short period of time. Finding magic gems is not difficult, but meeting the requirements at each level is a very difficult thing.

As usual, players will play the game according to the time allotted. That is, you only have 5 minutes and 30 seconds in each level to find the gem that the game requires. After the certain time, you will lose immediately if you can not find the requested gem.

Don’t pay too much attention to the time, it can make you feel more stressed while playing the game. Focus on collecting as many magic gems as possible, so the gem spawn rate will become higher. Of course, you can do the pairing in the form of horizontal or vertical depending on the case.

House of Potions without flash so you can enjoy the game on any device these days. Make sure your device has an internet connection, and any browser pre-installed. Then log into the game to enjoy the exciting match-3 gameplay right now.

How to play

Collect magic gems by dragging and dropping with the left mouse button

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