We will instruct you on how to play the Taming.io game and become the master of this game! Invite your friends to play and have the best experience ever!

Taming.io gives you a guideline about how to play, how to control your pets smartly. Taming.io is a new multiplayer making game where you play with creatures and redesign both your warrior and your creature. Gather assets, fabricate guarded dividers, battle foes, group up and overcome workers. Appreciate and offer with your companions!

How To Play Taming.io Game
How To Play Taming.io Game

Controlling and Taming pets in Taming.io

There is nearly everything here: different creatures, for instance, wolves, bears, rabbits, fox and so on. Also, every one of the creatures has its own aptitudes: assault, regen, life and speed.

Possibly the game will be the following hit among all .io games. The stronger the pets are, the harder it takes to capture.

How to play Taming.io better with our tips and tricks

  • Taming.io is an endurance game with sorcery pets.
  • Gather assets to create your town.
  • Level up to open new art and weapons.
  • Spot windmills to create gold.
  • Tame creatures and cause them to advance in epic fights!
  • Gather brilliant apples in chests to custom your character and pets.
  • Each pet has a unique capacity, with its shortcoming and bit of leeway.
  • There are capacities: fire, ice, water, plant, poison,…Pick your pet to begin and tame new ones in game. Fabricate your military and battle different tamers!

Control your pets with buttons on your PC

  • Shield button : The pet ensures you
  • Blade button: The pet assaults each creature it sees, aside from dozing infants.
  • Hand button: The pet will quit following you and keep its position.
  • Expertise button: The pet utilize its unique capacity.
  • More updates will come soon
  • Orders
  • Development: W, A, S, D/Z, Q, S, D or Arrow keys
  • Hit: Left snap
  • Snap on the settings button (the little stuff) to see and change orders and execution.

How to play Taming.io on PC

  • Firstly, open the Taming.io game.
  • Secondly, at the top of the screen, on the left, you can see the servers to choose from.
  • Thirdly, select the server you like.
  • Fourth, write a name for your pet and click the button “Play” to start playing the game.
  • Finally, enjoy the game!

Items in Taming.io game and how to use them smartly


You use weapons to harm or shield yourself in contention. As of the update 11/23/20, there are six weapon subcategories: blades, lances, knives, tomahawks, quits, each isolated into singular levels.


Blades are weapons that can be utilized by the major part to incur solid harm to different creatures or players. They have a medium reach and a very moderate speed. Anyway, it causes that is remunerated by their large hitbox and high harm. Lances have a far bigger reach, anyway, their hitbox is a lot more modest than blades’. Blades are far superior to swords when looking at assault speed, anyway, they have a far more modest hitbox, reach and harm. Tomahawks have the higher and accumulate assets all the more productively, anyway their assault speed is slower.


In view of its softness (permitting the client to run quick) and long reach, attempt quick in and out strategies. Point well and it will be an incredible weapon in the correct hands.


In Taming.io game, Daggers are a quick swinging scuffle weapon with a short reach.

Daggers are the most exceedingly awful weapon at gathering assets, yet they compensate for it since they are acceptable against creatures because of their high DPS. Notwithstanding, Spears and Axes effectively counter this weapon because of the lance’s long reach and the hatchet’s high harm and knockback.


Axes are weapons that can deliver solid harm to different creatures or players, but on the other hand, axes accumulate high measures of any asset per hit, being ideal for most circumstances. They have a medium reach and a plodding assault speed. Anyway it causes high harm (most noteworthy of any weapon in the game).


Devices are things that are principally used to perform random exercises of any kind. There are two instrument subcategories, those being: wrenches, and mallets, each isolated into singular levels, just as the slingshot, appletor, and saddle, which are singular things.


Players eat food to raise their health and restore HP after a fighting. It is additionally isolated onto singular things, those being: apple, treat, sandwich, waffle, and cake.

Instruction for how to play in Taming.io

Structures are any things that can be set onto the world. It is additionally isolated into five classifications such as dividers, entryways, spikes, windmills, turrets, and various structures.

Finally, this is taming.io how to play for all players. There are a lot of things in the Taming.io game, if you know clearly about the strengths and weaknesses of each pet, you will have more chances to master the game! Want to know more information? Check it out right now!

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