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About Jabami.io

Jabami.io unblocked, you will be tested your memory as well as your concentration in this game. Can you beat all other opponents and achieve the highest score?

Accordingly, Jabami.io gives players classic gameplay but changes in terms of form. More specifically, playing Jabami.io free online, players will have to compete with other players in memory training challenges. Initially, the main screen will show all the cards and of course, they will be face down. Therefore, the player needs to turn them over one by one until there are two of the same cards at the same time to score.

This is essentially a multiplayer card pairing. Players can observe their opponents, remember what cards they have turned over, then use this to find another matching card. Of course, the opponent can also apply this tactic to score points. So you need to memorize it quickly if you don’t want to lose. Overall, Jabami.io is an interesting multiplayer html5 game, simple but also full of competition when it comes to experience.

How to play

Use your mouse and click on the card icon you want to flip them

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