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About Junon.io

Junon.io is a free Moomoo.io styled strategy game. Its challenge will be set on an asteroid. It is also the place where you are stranded along with other people. Now, you should collect food, oxygen, and stamina so you can survive. Don’t forget to work together with everybody who is friendly in finding different resources! Play Junon.io online and you can hire bots or slaves so they will help you finish tasks. Besides, the foes will appear to raid your facility every 3 days. If you want to stay alive and fulfill your missions within Junon.io unblocked, you have to make sure that the defenses that you put up will be able to protect your base, your life from their strike. Everything that you will experience in the latest adventure will bring back another opportunity to quickly escape from the planet and go home. Get ready to hop into such a unique playfield and seek teammates!

How to play

Select WASD to roam, Numbers to swap tools, Space or Left-click to utilize them, C to craft items, I to enter your store, R to rotate, E to interact

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