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About Koby Jump Escape

A prisoner is preparing everything to escape from the most secure prison in Koby Jump Escape. You need to help him pass the existing security system with your ability.

Play Koby Jump Escape online, players will find ways to help the main character escape from prison. Players need to collect 3 bags of money in each level and unlock the door if they want to get out of the prison. So, the security system in the prison has many different areas. So players will have to explore in turn before finding the final door. Initially, the money bags will be placed in fairly easy to find locations. But later on, things will become more difficult. Moreover, there will be policemen guarding them or deadly barricades placed everywhere. Therefore, players need to observe everything, move smartly to find the most effective prison escape plan.

Koby Jump Escape for kids has a total of 13 different levels from simple to difficult. The levels in Koby Jump Escape unblocked are on our website, you can log in to check out the difficulty for yourself. Overall, Koby Jump Escape is one of the great HTML5 platform games with interesting highlights.

How to play

Use the left or right arrow button to navigate the moving prisoner

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