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About Leevz.io

Leevz.io unblocked is a survival io game that is similar to Mope.io in terms of gameplay. You have to compete against other players in an arena and try to improve yourself to become the best. Leevz.io free online features 3 different plants for you to choose from. Also, it has a wide array of classes to level up. You must become a stronger plant in the arena if you want to win.

At the start of the game, you can select either a pansy (ranged), rose (melee), or mushroom (magic). Pansy can help you dispatch seeds to enemies, Rose has military-grade thorns that can be used to pierce anything, and Mushroom can help you ambush enemies with a poison splash. As you make your way through the arena, you should attempt to kill other players or farm water drops, sunrays, fertilizers, and insects in order to get XP. After leveling up, improve yourself to a different plant then use new abilities to defeat enemies. Your goal in Leevz.io game is to become the best plant!

How to play

Use WASD for the movement, use the mouse to aim, the left mouse for the main ability, the right mouse or R for the secondary ability, use E for special ability, T to auto-shoot the main ability, and Y to auto spin.

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