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About Mad Car

Mad Car takes players to highway roads where you have to show your amazing driving skills to dodge obstacles. Is the road in the game really as crowded as in reality?

Mad Car Racing is considered one of the most popular driving games on the web browser. So, in this game, players do not need to move too fast or overcome other opponents to reach the finish line first. Your task is simply to help your car overcome the obstacles in front of you to score points. Those obstacles can be rocks, cars, holes, or even giant pipes. Just touch them, then your car will explode immediately.

Accordingly, this game only allows players to control cars for a certain period of time. More specifically, you will have 90 seconds to help your car travel as far as possible. After the time is up, the game will pause to let the player know how many points he has achieved. Play Mad Car 3d free online, players need to move very skillfully, perform the right action left or right to dodge obstacles.

If the car is not in a collision for a certain amount of time, you will have an additional 20 seconds to continue your journey. The longer you play, the faster the pace of the game increases, making it difficult for you to control. Besides, do not forget to use jumping because it is the factor that helps you get high scores in the game. Mad Car has unblocked at our site, join this game to be a reluctant driver now.

How to play

Use the left or right arrow buttons to navigate the vehicle. Press the Space button on the screen to perform the dance move

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