Magic Match Puzzle Publisher  Date PublishedFebruary 8, 2022
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About Magic Match Puzzle

Magic Match Puzzle is a simple matching game with exciting challenges waiting for you to discover. You will help the witch find magical stones to increase her strength.

If you think that Magic Match Puzzle no download is actually a classic match-3 game, you are wrong. This game will give players signature matching challenges in many different ways. It will still work in a match-3 style, but much simpler to suit a wide range of players.

First, the player can see the magic stone symbols appear on the screen with different colors. Each color corresponds to a different symbol and power that you need to collect. It’s very simple, you just need to touch the icons of the stones near each other to collect them in a short time.

Each level requires the player to find a certain number of stones in order to complete the challenge. You can see this request through the top left corner of the experience screen. Based on that information, you need to come up with reasonable stone collection strategies to win and continue to the next level. In this HTML5 game, the player will be bound to a certain number of operations at each level.

This means that you only have a handful of moves available, if you can’t complete the requests when you run out of moves, you’ll lose. So the calculation will be essential to reach the magic stone.

Play Free Magic Match Puzzle online to explore all available levels. We are sure that you will encounter a lot of difficulties in the following levels. So don’t forget to use the available power-ups.

How to play

Interact and collect magic stone icons using the left mouse button

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