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About Math Push

Math Push is a web browser puzzle game that follows math expressions. The player’s task is to find the corresponding results to be able to continue to the next level.

The operation of the Math Push 2D Game is relatively simple, you just need to move the blocks to solve expressions. The results of the expressions will be available, so rely on this to be able to match the matching blocks. Everything will be simple at first until more difficult mathematical appear.

Besides solving math questions, you also have to navigate the blocks on the screen logically to reach your destination safely. The character in the game can push any available block to the desired location to complete the challenge. And it is the person who will help this character make smart moves.

Not only that, the experience screen in the puzzle game free online looks quite similar to a maze system. Therefore, the appearance of surrounding walls will make it difficult for you to navigate the character. Careful calculation in each move will also be an important factor in the victory.

If unfortunately navigating the blocks collides step by step, you should not be too alarmed. Because Math Push for kids allows the player to undo the previous move through the Z or U button on the keyboard. Everything has no strings attached, including the element of time, so stay calm to win.

Math Push requires the player to navigate the character to the destination to be able to move on to the next level. Remember that there will be no help in this game, only logical thinking and problem solving will help you complete the challenge.

How to play

Navigate moving cubes via keyboard arrow buttons or WASD Use Z or U button to perform undo operation, R to reset

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