Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears Publisher  Date PublishedOctober 26, 2021
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About Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears

Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears is a skill and hidden object game that is free to play online. You will meet the comedian Mr.Bean again and join him in some fun challenges.

Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears unblocked is like a puzzle game but its gameplay is very simple. Your job is to find the hidden animals that are hidden inside the game’s wallpaper. There will be a total of 8 levels and 10 bears for you to find in each level. Besides, don’t forget that time is running backwards on the screen. Only 40s to find all teddy bears and complete your puzzle. Win a level, you will unlock the next level. And so on until you conquer every level. That doesn’t sound simple at all, but those with good eyes can do it!

When you play Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears online, you will meet funny characters, typically Mr. Bean. They show up as animated characters and don’t have any movement in the game. Even so, they still don’t hide their humor and wit through their facial expressions, looks and more. So, playing with them will relax you. In addition, the music in the game is also quite impressive with a playful melody throughout the experience.

So are you ready to join the challenge of finding objects with Mr. Bean Hidden Teddy Bears yet? Do you see the blurry bears on the screen? They are everywhere, even places you wouldn’t believe. Only those with good observation will conquer all levels of the game.

How to play

Simply click on the teddy bear image if you see it.

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