Taming.io new updates were mentioned on August 16. You can explore them here to get new pets, hats and other changes. Don't miss them in your experience!

Taming.io new updates in the latest update on August 16, 2021 will be introduced now. But that’s not all as you can still find new Hats, Clan System and many more exciting things like never before. These may affect your experience in the exciting animal survival Taming.io game. So stay tuned for the following and the latest updates about this game on our website.

Taming.io – fun survival animal game online with pets

If you haven’t played Taming.io yet, we will briefly introduce it now. This is an online game with funny survival gameplay, suitable for all gamers. You can own adorable pets and join them in endless adventures. During this adventure, you have to compete with other pets to survive and collect loot.

Besides, you also have to collect resources to build villages, unlock weapons to protect your pets from enemy attacks. The fights will happen often but quickly. Thereby, they give gamers a gentle but equally dramatic survival experience.

Taming.io new updates on August 16, 2021

Taming.io game often has monthly updates that change some of the mechanics and add new content. Its latest update was on last August 16 with many important changes which are below.

Many important recent changes in Taming.io
Many important recent changes in Taming.io

Taming.io new updates with Hats

Besides the familiar Hats, taming.io brings a new type, which is Broken Pot animal. It helps your pet deal more damage to buildings.

New Taming.io pets

You can find 2 new pets to enrich your collection of animal games, Electric Rat and Rock Ibex. With the Electric Rat, you can find it in the Forest of Darkness, along with its thunder. Meanwhile, the Rock Ibex can be found in the Snow Forest along with its Howling Rock Spirit.

VIP Pass

Different from the normal mode, the VIP Pass in Taming.io game online will bring many unique features. Firstly, there are no ads during gameplay for you to enjoy the game seamlessly. Second, you can own a hat that is capable of giving you more Golden Apples every time you open a chest. Third, you will have a VIP badge on your profile picture along with premium VIP cosmetics. And many more great things are available with the VIP Pass which is available in store.

Clan System – where you interact and cooperate with other players

Clan System allows you to create or join clans you love while you play Taming.io online for free. Each clan will consist of up to 100 players and can participate in positions on the global leaderboard. It is fun for you to meet, socialize and cooperate with online multiplayer!

New ban rules in Taming.io new updates

Every game has a ban system to protect the interests of all players. And Taming.io is no exception. With the new ban system, the game will deactivate accounts that share or sell accounts. Besides, it will also ban the use of cheat tools, insulting other gamers when playing Taming.io online. In addition, some other bad behavior is also not allowed and may be permanently disassociated. Pay attention to these in Taming.io new updates.

Those are the latest updates in Taming.io on August 16, 2021. Besides new pets, new hats, this game also changes some of its rules. Any of these updates aim to improve your experience on the taming.io online website. So enjoy the new things and don’t forget to follow the rules of the game! If you want to know more about the next updates, please visit this website regularly. We’ll let you know soon if there are changes to your experience in the Taming.io game. Finally, wish you a happy experience with super cute pets and dozens of new quests.

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