Police Escape

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Taming.io  Date PublishedOctober 12, 2021
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About Police Escape

Police Escape takes place from the street, where a boy is trying to run away from the pursuit of the police. You need to help this boy run away as far as possible.

Police Escape unblocked is a fun game with interesting details surrounding the chase between a policeman and a boy. Of course, your task is to help this boy dodge the obstacles on the way and move as far as possible. The score will be continuously increased based on the distance the boy has moved. So, this is quite similar to other endless run games.

Play Police Escape online, players can also collect support items all over the map. They will help you speed up for a short period of time or protect your character against threats from obstacles. As time goes on, obstacles will appear continuously on the screen to hinder the boy’s ability to move. In this arcade game online, if you accidentally bump into any obstacle, the police will come one step closer to you. Everything will end when the policeman catches up with the boy in this race. So, join Police Escape by the browser to enjoy this fun HTML5 game.

How to play

Perform a jump with the W button, the up arrow button, or the Space button

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