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About Polyguns.io

Let Polyguns.io multiplayer be your friend to relax if you are having some stress about life, job, or studying. This game is simple but attractive. You will play as a gunman and fight hard for justice. This is a game that brings entertainment to your friends. A diverse weapon system will make your experience like a real gunman. Of course, you can play Polyguns.io for free.

You can play with teammates or play solo. This 2D Shooter game will keep you entertained with colorful game graphics and extremely simple gameplay. Start the game, you play as a gunman with a pistol in hand. The more you level up, the more powerful guns you get. When you destroy a Polygun, you will gain a Polytags. When you accumulate enough polytags, you will unlock new weapons such as snipers, fire guns, and heavy rockets.

There are a lot of players in the game, so you will need a bit of skill if you want to get high rankings or a team to play with to easily climb to the top.

How to play

Development: WASD or bolt keys. Shoot: Left or right mouse click. Reload: R. Use Perk: Spacebar

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