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Taming.io  Date PublishedFebruary 22, 2022
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About Pop-Pop Jingle

Pop-Pop Jingle has a relatively similar operating method to the dinosaur egg shooting game in the past. Instead of dinosaur eggs, you’ll shoot Christmas-themed items.

Play this Match-3 Puzzle Shooter, the player will start by shooting the same symbols to score points. Similar to the match-3 element, the symbols will explode when there are 3 of the same symbols in the same position. You will own a cannon, and know in advance the item you are about to fire.

Knowing in advance the items that are about to be fired will make it easier for you to change the angle of the shot. However, in certain cases, you also have to shoot them in an unwanted position. In the beginning, everything in the bubble shooter game was relatively simple and easy to accomplish.

Each stage is perfect, players will get 3 stars max. If you do too many incorrect shooting operations, the number of stars will decrease. Therefore, you should care in each shot because you don’t have too much time to correct your mistake.

If you have ever experienced it, you will realize that 330 is the maximum number of stars that a player can achieve in this game. That is, you will have to overcome 110 levels with increasing difficulty to complete all challenges. This is really not a simple task and takes a lot of time.

Pop-Pop Jingle unblocked for all types of players. If you love the game of shooting dinosaur eggs with match-3 elements, its appearance should be great. There are many levels and challenges waiting for you to explore, but we believe that the fun will also appear continuously.

How to play

Shoot Christmas-themed items using the mouse

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