Publisher  Date PublishedMay 21, 2021
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About is set in a school, where players will have to do everything to create certain chaos before the teacher’s obstruction. Why do so? Let’s find out now. unblocked, players will transform into disruptive students and intend to turn the school into a chaotic place. It is important that you will not carry out this intention alone, but with the help of other players. Accordingly, players will try to use familiar objects in the school and place them in different positions to score points. They can be books, tables and chairs, boards, pens, etc.

Of course, the players will not reach the goal easily because there will be some teachers supervising. They will constantly prevent you from ravaging this school, so try to move as far as possible to do your duty. For each object destroyed or placed in other locations, you will receive the corresponding number of points.

Play online for free on browsers now to explore school in a whole new way. is for kids, but adults can also feel the fun that this game brings.

How to play

Use the keyboard to control the character and the left or right mouse to perform the corresponding operations.

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