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About Skateboard Surf

Skateboard Surf adventure is a playground for you to show your running talent to win the highest score. This is a fascinating Endless Run game, do not miss its appearance.

Train tracks are the place for you to do interesting endless runs to collect coins and increase your score. There are three main lanes in the running game, along with the appearance of obstacles during the experience. Remember you only have one life, try to run as fast as possible and pass the obstacles.

During the run, you also have to collect gold coins that are scattered along the way. They will help you own the necessary equipment after each level. That way, the difficulty will increase depending on the distance that the character has moved, the character will run faster and make you feel dizzy.

Besides interesting gameplay, Skateboard Surf unblocked also owns a relatively diverse equipment system. The effect of the equipment will help the player to achieve a higher score on the next game screen. Each piece of equipment will have its own unique features, you need to use it rationally to get the best effect.

Graphics are also one of the relatively special highlights of this game. Although developed on a web browser, the game offers excellent display quality. Along with that is a smooth transition effect, vividly recreating the thrilling chase between the character and the policeman.

If you are looking for Endless Run style games on the web browser, Skateboard Surf 3D will be the right choice. This game is full of featured elements that promise to make you unable to take your eyes off the screen.

How to play

Use the left or right arrows to help the character dodge the obstacles in front of him

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