Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 16, 2021
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This is an exciting, colorful experience, This colorful game will brighten up your day. While the gameplay is easy to get into, it’s incredibly fun and addictive. In unblocked, you are a small slime and conquer the white world with your slime.

Join online to color the original white world with very simple rules. You are a little slime, the slime is what you use to cover everything. Also, this is a 3D game for unblocked io game, where you will be the one to explore the space to cover. Besides, the more coverage you get, the more points you can get upgraded to increase your coverage speed. The slime surrounding the tiny slime will be widened more and more, so it’s easier to bully and choose smaller slime to thicken the sheath. However, the game space to cover is limited and you only have 90 seconds to cover and be a winner. free is a 3D game with lots of bright colorful fun images. There are many color options for you and you just need to beat yourself. Join us and have a great experience!

How to play

You can use a mouse to control your slime.

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