Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 27, 2021
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About is a popular iO Snake game in the world. No need to play on tiny black and white screens anymore, now players can completely play this game with smartphones, iPad… Although has a very simple way of playing, it attracts a lot of people because of the fun and equally dramatic.

What’s in this iO Snake game?

HTML5 Games online is gradually becoming a new trend in the Vietnamese market. And is one of the most popular snake games that gamers, especially young people like.

In the game you have to grow your snake by fighting against countless multiplayer to get as many multi-colored orbs as possible. To be able to quickly win you must force other players to crash into your side while avoiding hitting other snakes.

The only goal of this game is to eat a lot, grow up quickly. When you first play you will be a small snake, but if you calmly find a quiet place to grow, you can quickly climb to the top.

Some tips for playing the game

Eat and Grow

Your main food source in this game are glowing orbs so try to eat as much as possible. Once your snake is big enough, you can squeeze and trap other snakes.

Besides, when a giant snake dies, it produces a lot of food. If you are confident with your skill of controlling snakes, you can “stink” the spoils of others. This is the fastest way for you to grow faster, but if you are not skillful, you will die faster.

Boost Your Speed

The goal of any player in is to become the largest snake on that planet. In addition to eating the glowing orbs, the quickest way to get bigger and longer is to eat the other snakes.

The Boost will help you speed up your chances of victory, but you will have to use more skills in this tactic. This method is effective so you can spot near the opponent’s head and eliminate it. Combining rhythmic acceleration tips will help you to easily increase the size fast.

Special Orbs

There are two types of special orbs that you will find in the game. One will be dropped when a snake dies and the other will float around the arena. Eating these orbs will create enormous advantages.

Capture Other Snakes

Growing yourself a large enough size will help you trap and tighten other snakes to bring you food. A larger size will squeeze more snakes and help you quickly stand at the top.

Besides, there are also some other tips for easier winning, such as using unblocked. By using this way, you don’t have to need much skill to play. Using some hacking tricks to gain your advantage.These iO games don’t cost money so you can play Slither Free online on browsers. Let’s experience it!

How to play

Use the mouse to move your snake without crashing into other snakes.

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