Smash Karts Publisher  Date PublishedMarch 17, 2021
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About Smash Karts

Racing in Smash Karts is very interesting and challenging. You are not merely overcoming obstacles to return to the enemy, but there are many more things to overcome. Do you know what that is? All will be answered in the game.

In Smash Karts unblocked, you need to help the bear overcome all obstacles on the way and stay alive against evil enemies to get to the destination. On the track, other cars will use their special powers to bombard or hit you to kill you. Therefore, to avoid the pursuit of the opponent in this io game, you need to go on the right track with fast speed. In addition, the collection of question mark boxes on the way will help you accumulate more powerful powers. The more possibilities you have, the enemy is a trivial matter. Every time you start playing Smash Karts online free, you will be in a completely different scene. Sometimes it is a race track, sometimes a deserted land with many pitfalls, this is considered a difficult attraction to make games more interesting. Please start playing with everyone.

How to play

You use the arrow keys to navigate the drive, use the spacebar to shoot weapons.

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