About Snow Balls

Snow Balls is a game that trains players’ reflexes and agility. Here, your task is simply to help the main character throw snowballs at the right time at each level.

Joining Snow Balls unblocked, you will not see any instructions nor play any test plays. Because this is a game in a traditional simple style to train the player’s ability to manipulate. Start with snowballs now to get the highest score, or break your own record.

Basically, the snowballs will start moving towards the character in two directions left and right. You will have to find ways to help your character touch the snowballs at the right time to score points. In each operation, you can only manipulate left or right, so choose correctly.

If any snowball falls from the protagonist’s hand, the level will end, and the final score will have. Snow Balls for kids does not give the player any more chances, you only have one chance so cherish it. Gradually, snowballs will appear with more frequency, which will surely cause you a lot of difficulties.

Play Snow Balls free online to show off your manipulation skills right now. You will probably lose quickly the first few times, but be patient to access it. The number of points achieved after each level will continuously increase, and go back to break the previous record score until you are satisfied.

Overall, Snow Balls is not a battle royale style game as many people think. This game has simplicity in operation, as well as not having too many operations when playing the game. You simply need to be agile and precise if you want to get the best score after each level.

How to play

Use left mouse button, or left/right arrow button to touch the snowballs

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