Publisher  Date PublishedFebruary 17, 2021
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About unblocked has one of the most exciting arenas in ocean io games. In this game, you will start as a scary and dangerous deadly marine monster with a tusk on your head to protect yourself and destroy your enemies. online is an HTML5 online that you can play online anytime and anywhere you want. Besides, there are many marine creatures for you to choose from with many interesting weapons to defend yourself and fight. If you get stabbed, it means game over. You also can earn more points by eating food and killing your enemies. Your tusk will grow stronger as you earn more and more points. There is a color ring below every fish, and you will earn a bonus if you kill the same color fish continuously. And of course, don’t forget about the hall of fame for three weekly best marine creatures. becoming the sea creature at the top of the food chain or the food for other organisms, it is up to you.

How to play

Computer: you can use your mouse to move your fish, click and hold to boost. Mobile: fist tap is for controlling your fish, tap and holds to boost.

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