Stair Race 3D Publisher  Date PublishedDecember 27, 2021
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About Stair Race 3D

Stair Race 3D is an online stair matching game on a web browser. Here, you will compete with other players around the world to see who can finish first in the fastest time.

Play Stair Race 3D online, you will start the stairs building competition immediately without going through any training. Of course, competition is always a prerequisite in this running game to give players more excitement. All you need to do is collect boards of the same color as the character, they are randomly placed all over the map. Use those planks to build stairs suitable for moving to different locations. This means that you will need to calculate the exact number of planks to avoid a shortage of materials when building a bridge.

Besides, the appearance of other opponents in the Stair Race 3D unblocked will make things a lot more stressful. Specifically, if the opponent’s number of boards is more, you will lose all the boards collected when building the bridge, and vice versa. Therefore, you should not be the first to make the bridge because the opponent can take advantage of this to gain an advantage in the later stage. If you have ever enjoyed other action 3d games on a web browser. You will certainly recognize many similarities of Stair Race 3D. Besides, don’t forget to unlock new character skins and the shape of the boards after each level. This will definitely give you great motivation to complete the levels in the best way. Overall, Stair Race 3D for kids is an entertaining game worth enjoying and highly entertaining.

How to play

Use the mouse to navigate the character collect planks and build stairs

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