Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 11, 2022
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About Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero

Stickman Archer: The Wizard Hero is a game for you to show your vision and archery skills. In the role of a witch, your mission is to shoot down all enemies in a short time.

Manipulating the energy from magic wands has never been an easy task for witches. Therefore, you will help your witch character in the game practice magic wand control skills. Stickman Archer The Wizard Hero unblocked brings a series of challenges along with the appearance of different enemies. Your task is to use ancient magic to defeat each enemy at each level. Initially, this stickman archery game does not offer too much challenge, and you only need to defeat a single enemy to complete the mission. Gradually, the number of enemies will continuously increase on the screen requiring you to kill them before taking reverse damage. Besides, the number of levels in the game is quite large, which promises to take you quite a while to complete the entire challenge.

Because it is an arcade battle game, Stickman Archer allows players to upgrade their character’s strength continuously. There are many items and skills that can be unlocked after each level, which will definitely help your character become stronger. Besides, pay attention to the maximum number of stars that you can get after each level, up to 3 stars. If you aim correctly and destroy the enemy in a short time, you will receive the maximum number of stars. Although there are many skill free online games on web browsers. We believe that Stickman Archer will not disappoint you.

How to play

Use the left mouse button to adjust the direction of the shot and drag and drop to perform the shooting action.

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