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About Stickman Clans

You will become a strategist in Stickman Clans unblocked. This game will help you have a good feeling and know how to make a plan.

Stickman Clans has the type of 2D strategy game. In this game, you need to use your gold and earn gold to hire the miners and the warriors. You can choose how your king looks at the start of the game. Moreover, the castle at the start looks very basic. Therefore, you need to use your gold carefully to keep it grow, make it bigger and more beautiful, and also hire soldiers to protect your king, mine resources, and your castle. For each level you pass, you will receive gold to upgrade your castle or your soldiers while trying to protect it. This game is useful for you to practice thinking. So, if you need something challenging but still have fun, let open this Stickman Clans without a flash on Web Browser.

How to play

Use your mouse to hire warriors and miners to earn money and protect your king, castle and mine resources.

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