SuperCTF Publisher  Date PublishedJanuary 26, 2021
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About SuperCTF is one of the most exciting and fun shooting games. This io game is a Moba flag type game, you will join in with 1-4 other players to protect your flag while trying to take the other team’s flag.

In the world of SuperCTF multiplayer, you will team up with 1-4 other players to protect your flag and work to take other team’s flags. There are many types of guns, multiple classes, a lot of abilities, and utilities for you to take advantage of and make many interesting and different tactics or strategies to give your enemies surprise attacks.

Besides, to make this game more interesting, there are various kinds of maps with a different special power-up. And if you are someone who likes to compete, there is a leader board for 80 top players on the front page of the game, and it will be updated constantly every day.

How to play

You can use both mobile and computer/ laptop to play this game, but it is suitable to use a computer to play.

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