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Taming.io Bear
Taming.io Bear: A New Battle Strategy With The Animal And Unique Gameplay

In Taming.io Bear, you will become a professional tamer and use all your skills and skills to conquer the aggressive...

Taming.io Rabbit
Taming.io Rabbit: Specific Instructions On How To Play With Your Adorable Pets

Taming.io Rabbit is the pet of Taming.io game, programmed by web developer LapaMauve. In this game, the goal is simply...

Taming.io Pets
Taming.io Pets: Tips and tricks to utilize each pet to win against your enemies!

Taming.io pets release each pet's strengths and weaknesses, so you will have more chances to master the game! This will...

How To Play Taming Game
How To Play Smartly in Taming.io Game and Become The First on The Leaderboard!

Taming.io gives you a guideline about how to play, how to control your pets smartly. Taming.io is a new multiplayer...