Taming.io Animals is lovely and full of harshness. You must tame wild animals and create a powerful army. Then, with our army, we defeated all the enemies.

Taming.io Animal’s world of animals opens you up to the opportunity to have fun and work with cute and evil 4-legged creatures. You will begin the journey to conquer those animals so that they will submit to and fight for you. Experience this game once for more entertainment.

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Taming.io Animals Game start

At the start of Taming.io all animals, a game option with a variety of animals appears for you to choose from or you may not select either. You can tame and evolve any animal. If you want to change, select from the menu panel. However, if you want to choose which animal to start, it must be unlocked.

Taming.io all pets
Taming.io all pets

The animals in Taming.io

Taming.io garden online is very diverse with creatures. The animals in this Taming.io online game will appear on the options panel for you to choose from and they are also monsters with high damage in battle.

You have to fight with animal and Boss Tree
You have to fight with animal and Boss Tree

In addition to the animals, all servers in Taming game also have Boss Tree participating in battle. This is a difficult plant to die because it has 16k or more blood. This tree reproduces in the forest form. The best time to kill is when it sleeps. Because when injured, Boss Tree will attack you by summoning spikes and taking decisive action. It can summon water elves, fire elves and tree elves to help you. When destroying tree bosses, you will receive 50k gold and tons of experience.

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Which animals should be tamed?

Besides fighting animals, you should remember that it is your duty to tame the pets. This not only increases the excitement of the game, but also helps you to add many valuable warriors.

However, not all animals you can tame in dozens of powerful creatures out there. You can only tame the babies at the baby level. Because these animals are not highly resistant, they are easy to tame. For large animals, you have only one option with the god, either I live or you die.

Strategy of Taming.io Animals

During the taming process, you are allowed to conquer many different animals of many types to increase the richness of your army. If successfully conquered, you will be rewarded with Exp. Otherwise, you will be in danger. That animal will wake up and put all its strength to attack you.

You should try different animals to increase the army richness
You should try different animals to increase the army richness

Therefore, when setting up a goal of taming which animal, you should be well prepared and have pets with the right ability to help. Besides, always react quickly and give a method to anticipate if it fails. This will improve your chances of winning as well as minimize the loss of all servers in Taming game failed taming.


Taming.io Animals is an unforgiving battle. Therefore, you must always be alert to choose excellent warriors for your team. This game also helps you increase leadership and strategy through fierce survival battles. You can join this world and become a notorious player right now.

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