Taming.io Bear is where wild bears fight other ferocious animals for survival. You enter that world to tame them in your team and strengthen your strength.

In Taming.io Bear, you will become a professional tamer and use all your skills and skills to conquer the aggressive bear. This process will be very interesting because you will not only have difficulty with the bear but also confront the animal’s enemies. A long and challenging journey, but not necessarily insurmountable. And now let’s start playing now.

The Bear in Taming.io Bear

Taming the Bear
Taming the Bear

In the Taming.io unblocked game, the main character is the bears. It is an animal that can be domesticated like some other pet. This wild bear belongs to the Water Type. Therefore, it is capable of strong combat with water, ice, and ice animals. Specifically, Wolves, Horses Bull, Snow Foxes, Snow Wolves, Snow Rabbits and Polar Bears are not rivals. They are too weak to attack this animal.

Meanwhile, this domesticated animal will become weakened against Rabbits and Foxes because they belong to the Plant and Electric Type. These genres are very taboo with bears and they have a great job of protecting vulnerable animals. However, these pets grow quite slowly in the game. Many times let the opponent outnumber them or not enough numbers against the dangerous names.

The ability to hurt in Taming.io Bear

The bears in Taming.io all pets can inflict great damage by creating a swirl around it. All entities within that range have to suffer a tremendous damage. Then, a smaller burst of damage is pushed away to affect animals in the distance. This ability to damage is very strong. This is considered the most powerful damage against early pets.

Taming.io Bear’s Combat strategy with the animal kingdom

Thanks to its high inflicting potential, the Taming.io Bear strategy stops enemies and causes damage to other animals. Although, this pet grows very slowly with 25 speed gears but the resilience is also quite good, still lags behind some other animals. Therefore, the advice for you is not to wait patiently for the recovery but have to find another way.

In addition, this bear has the advantage of doubling its damage when meeting animals of fire and rock. Rely on this point to choose a suitable fighting opponent and preserve your strength.

You should choose the suitabile rival to fight
You should choose the suitabile rival to fight

In particular, you must pay attention to rabbits. This animal is very dangerous. Not only do they inflict high harm on the bear, but also use their powers to marry the animal you have conquered.

Bears do not need appletor an infarction pad, their damage is not great and are not recommended for bears. In addition, you can combine with the herd and stand behind when shooting. It may sound a bit fragile, but these help you destroy many opponents and not affect your life.

Besides, the bear is also a wedding item that deserves special attention. They have long-range weapons and large size so they always protect you from all dangers. However, the spear and the katana are a bit out of control.

Maybe in many cases it protects you, but there are exceptions. For example, pushing you to lock in trees and leaves leads to a loss of life. In this case you must react quickly to get out of danger. Therefore, normally you should always be on the alert.

3 levels beat wild bears in Taming.io Bear

Besides helping tamed bears fight the wild world out there, you need to defeat wild bears and bears of other players.

Level 1 (Baby): Attack the cubs with weapons capable of killing them. Simply because this line is slow and weak, does not have the ability to do high damage.

Level 2 (Adult): This is the most recommended strategy to squeeze bears into a frame. You use wasteful resources like thorns to limit their ability to move. You put 2 spikes (rocks and thorns higher than the bear will work) together so that the bear is stuck in the middle. The space between the two spikes will be a good chance for you to shoot pulses or poke at it, making it die faster.

Level 3 (Boss): One bear is more dangerous than the other 2. So, in addition to applying the strategy at level 2, you should ask the help of your pets to make the extermination process easy and do not cause much loss.

Chance to tame

Each animal has a certain chance of taming and with a bear, you have a 66% chance, more than 50% is very good. Using tamed caps increases this chance to 80 – 90%. Therefore, the chance of conquering these bears is almost certain. Thanks to that, you will always have animals to replace during fighting Taming .io animal


Taming.io Bear is not just about conquering wild bears, but it is more attractive than that. Fierce battles from other wild animals, pets of rivals and your pets will create a fierce battle. Join Taming.io update to transform into a warrior with the ability to fight and tame many people admire.

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