Taming.io Changelog is a list of updates the game has made so far. We will give you a view of how we have improved the game! Thanks for all your support!

Taming.io changelog is a list of updates the game has made so far. We will give you a view of how we have improved the game! Each version has its own special. So lets’s check it out right now!

What is the new update in Taming.io Changelog?

Version 0.16 – 12/18/20 – Merry Christmas theme in taming.io changelog!

Latest features in taming.io changelog:

  • 1st, new animals arrived (just for Christmas): Christmas Reindeer. Will vanish after Christmas – Don’t pass up on your opportunity to get that Legendary Pet! Difficult to tame. You should utilize an applicator and a tamer cap to expand your opportunity.
  • 2nd, Santa’s Hat in taming.io changelog.
  • 3rd, More than 100 new beautiful agents. Just Unlockable during Christmas
  • 4th, Gifts on the homepage
  • 5th, Improved Leaderboard with Daily – Weekly – Monthly records
  • 6th, Changed fir trees to Christmas trees
  • 7th, Added clock for seasons

What is better in this version?

  • Pets are more grounded than before when mounted
  • Shields don’t collect any longer
  • The expertise of the snow bunny has been nerfed

Later in taming.io changelog version 0.15 – 12/11/20

Features added in version 0.15:

  • Featured Youtuber

Change in Taming.io game :

  • Pets and items checks in guide have unexpected shading in comparison to players now.

Taming.io changelog version 0.15 – 12/11/20: New Winter Season, and Ice Type

Additional features and highlights:

  • New animals: Snow Wolf, Snow Fox, Snow Rabbit, Polar Bear
  • Winter Season – The guide is changed, uncovering another universe of days off.
  • Chapka – You are quicker on the day off.
  • Challenges – prevail in the day by day challenges and open brilliant apples consistently.
  • Pet Chests – You can open pet cards with pet chests accessible in the chest shop.
  • Reduced the assault/soundness of the pony.
  • Doors don’t remain open when you remain longer on them.
  • Nerfed harm of the shield (and significantly more against building).

Balancing in taming.io changelog:

  • Your pets can at this point don’t push you
  • Taming creatures currently give you xp
  • A skull shows up close to the moniker of the greatest enemy of the game
  • Reduced the quantity of forceful creatures in the guide
  • Green particles currently show up when you mend
  • You can change the head of your group
  • In the worldwide leaderboard, you would now be able to see the quantity of hours left when your score will vanish after short of what one day
  • Slightly polished the Fox speed and the Cow harm

New Horse, and progressed restraining framework in version 0.14 – 12/01/20

Adding new features:

  • New animal: Horse
  • Slingshot – Throws stone to debilitate creatures and increment your opportunity to tame them.
  • Appletor – Shoot apples to expand your opportunity to tame creatures, and recuperate pets/players
  • Saddle – to mount your supervisor pet
  • Dark Wings – Daggers accomplish more harm with it
  • Marker on the minimap
  • Detailed minimap
  • Added a debilitate auto-assault button when you initiate it

What is special in Taming.io?

  • Your pets can at this point don’t push you
  • Taming creatures currently give you xp
  • A skull shows up close to the epithet of the greatest enemy of the game
  • Reduced the quantity of forceful creatures in the guide
  • Green particles currently show up when you recuperate
  • You can change the head of your group
  • In the worldwide leaderboard, you would now be able to see the quantity of hours left when your score will vanish after short of what one day
  • Slightly polished the Fox speed and the Cow harm

New Cows, Normal sort and that’s only the tip of the iceberg in adaptation 0.13 – 23/11/20

Update highlights:

  • New animal added: Cow
  • Add new animal tails

Modernized features:

  • Normal Type Pets: Their assault is more fragile against rock type pets
  • Normal identification for amateurs with a record
  • Kill counter in-game
  • You would now be able to ping your colleagues by tapping on the minimap
  • Slight nerf to the Knight’s Helmet development speed.
  • Animals give you more food and gold
  • Slight harm buff to Daggers
  • Servers are currently shown in-game
  • The cattle rustler cap currently expands the harm to cows
  • The Tamer’s Cap is currently the cap that expands your restraining possibility.

Bugs fixings added:

  • Fixed bugs detailed by the network community.

New beauty care products, Daggers and greater guide in Version 0.12 – 11/18/20

Brand new features:

  • Knight’s Helmet: Reduces the measure of harm taken (0.6x)
  • Daggers: Fast-swinging scuffle weapon
  • Many new makeup
  • Auto-hit button for portable players

What we change in this 0.12 version:

  • The guide is currently greater
  • Increased the size of the group names (10 characters)
  • Increased the size of the catches over the leaderboard
  • Added a Lock Rotation alternative easy route
  • Spikes have gotten a nerf
  • The adequacy of wrenches have been polished
  • The pet catch demonstrates when no pet is chosen
  • Pet details are more explicit

Bugs eliminated by Taming.io team:

  • Fixed bugs detailed by the Taming.io game community.

What is new in version 0.11 – 11/14/20: Rock Pet and Wrench!

Extra features:

  • Bull
  • Rock Type Pets: They are more grounded than Electric/Fire type pets and more fragile than Plant/Water
  • Wrench: Repairs structures
  • Pets presently target players and creatures
  • The mend cushion currently has an uncommon pulverization liveliness. This will be utilized for a later update.

Interesting changings:

  • Added 7 additional days for leaderboard scores
  • Pets are permitted to open entryways consistently
  • The rancher cap has been polished
  • Damage from bows has been diminished against structures
  • The hitboxes of hand-to-hand weapons have been improved
  • The wellbeing recovery of the polecats has been expanded
  • Damage of the hare’s expertise has been polished
  • The polecats and skunks (managers) are presently nonpartisan and not, at this point forceful
  • Most of the components are currently safe against themselves
  • The Toxic Fog capacity from skunks and polecats presently don’t harm structures. Nonetheless, the Rock Slide capacity does a ton of harm to structures.

Bugs fixings:

  • Fixed bugs announced by the network community.

Poison Pets and Heal Pads in adaptation 0.10 – 11/09/20

Other features:

  • Animals: Polecat and Skunk
  • Poison Type Pets: They are more grounded than Plant type pets
  • Heal Pad: When stepped on, this can recuperate yourself, partners, and your pets
  • Target Button: Control your pets

How this 0.10 version worked:

  • Animals presently don’t generate within player bases and players
  • Slightly nerfed Sapphire Ax and Sapphire Sword
  • Your identification currently gives you rewards at the beggining of each game
  • Nerfed assembling harm managed by pets
  • Slightly polished the Rabbit expertise
  • Increased as far as possible from 30 to 50

What is waiting for you in version 0.9 – 11/03/20? Added Electric Fox!

Supplementary features:

  • New animal: Fox
  • Electric Pet Type: They are more grounded than Water type pets, however less successful against Plant type pets
  • Fox Tail: Increases the harm foxes bargain (in the game shop)
  • Scoreboard
  • The quantity of assets is written in red in the event that you don’t have the adequate materials to create a thing
  • Password recuperation: There is currently an exceptionally low opportunity to lose your record

Exciting adjustments:

  • Pets can open entryways in the “Safeguard” and “Assault” positions. They can’t open entryways in the “Stop” position
  • Nerfed creature aptitudes against players
  • You can’t harm your own structure with pet aptitudes any longer
  • Increased as far as possible to 2
  • Nerfed life of turrets
  • Buffed the harm of turrets
  • Nerfed the terminated pace of turrets
  • Nerfed mend focuses on food
  • Increased the knockback of Axes and Hammers
  • Buffed Swords and Axes
  • Buffed the reap pace, all things considered,
  • Slightly decreased the speed, all things considered,

Bugs found out by our gamers:

  • Fixed bugs announced by the network

Adaptation 0.8 – 10/29/20 – Pet Skills, Skins and Game Balancing!


  • Pets currently have exceptional capacities that the player can flip (Click on the ability button close to the Pet UI)
  • New beauty care products

Additional improvements:

  • Nerfed Swords and Spears/Axes
  • Players can open entryways and dividers independently
  • Turrets currently shoot one another (when 2 unique players place them)
  • Buffed the collection pace of Swords and Spears
  • Reduced the measure of score expected to arrive at the Spectrum Badge
  • Slightly nerfed the expense of food
  • Green numbers speak to mend ticks
  • You can crush your structures quicker
  • All advancements of pets flee when they have low HP

Some adjustment added:

  • Fixed bugs announced by the network.

Cosmetic Shop and Leaderboard added in Version 0.7 – 25/10/20

Up-to-date improvement:

  • Added a corrective s7op (utilizes brilliant apples)
  • You would now be able to see player subtleties while clicking somebody’s name on the leaderboard (in the menu)

New adjustment:

  • Mobile UI and controls are fixed

Bugs removed:

  • Thanks for your thoughts to help us doing better: fixed bugs announced by the network.

Taming.io changelog version 0.6 – 24/10/2020 – Boost pads and Game Optimization!


  • Added Boost Pads
  • New pet conduct: Guard
  • Mobile variant of the game (In beta!)
  • You would now be able to change your realistic settings in-game
  • Graphic Rendering Optimizations
  • New hotkeys for food and auto-hit

In this 0.6 version, we added:

  • You can push your pets utilizing your weapon
  • Players, creatures, and assets generate less frequently on player bases
  • Pets don’t pick up experience in the event that it isn’t close by
  • Buffed the hitbox of Spears
  • Nerfed spike and decreased the measure of food you procure from creatures

Bugs repaired:

  • Thank you for all your feedback!

Small Interface Update in Version 0.5 – 21/10/20

New features in taming.io changelog:

  • Added a realistic quality choice
  • You would now be able to bolt your factions.

Bugs fixings:

  • Fixed bugs revealed by the network.

Leaderboard Update in Version 0.4 – 20/10/20


  • Leaderboards
  • Badges are presently shown on the in-game leaderboard

Balancing in taming.io changelog:

  • Firstly, slightly nerfed turrets once more
  • Secondly, when you bite the dust, you keep the things you bought in the in-game shop
  • Thirdly, animals give more food
  • Fourth, animals at level 3 presently don’t pick up experience
  • Fifth, the Spectrum Badge is more enthusiastically to acquire
  • Sixth, when you kick the bucket, the HP of your structures rot quicker
  • Seventh, rabbit conduct is more predictable
  • Eighth, improvement of gold and rock impacts
  • Ninth, buffed the hitbox of Spears
  • Tenth, fixed broken minimap and broken (in-game) leaderboard

Bugs fixings in this 0.4 version:

  • We improved our Taming.io game supported by the network.

Additional In-game Shop in Adaptation 0.3 – 18/10/20

Brand new highlights:

  • Accessory shop in-game

Balancing in taming.io changelog:

  • Turrets shoot above dividers now, yet you are simply restricted to each in turn
  • Released the Level 3 Rabbit and it can run away when it is completely mended
  • Food reestablishes more life

What we fix:

  • Fixed bugs revealed by the network

Our first small Update in Version 0.2 – 17/10/20

Update point:

  • Nerfed the Level 3 Rabbit (Runs away if not assaulted)

Bugs fixings in taming.io changelog:

  • Thanks for all your support: fixed bugs feedback by the network.

Game Release with adaptation 0.1 – 17/10/20: The first taming.io changelog!

Taming.io was delivered to people in general! Taming.io changelog has gone through a lot of versions with brilliant updates.

Finally, these are all the Taming.io changelog we have released up until now! As the new version updated, we hope you like the improvements we have made to this game. We would love to hear your feedback and hope you still support us in the future!

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